Secure, flexible, easy-to-use instant messaging

Instantly communicate with other users and send files and pictures securely! MailCountry's Instant Messager is so convenient and useful, many users take the initiative to install it for free. Our IM has what other IM's don't have, built in confidentiality and security because it runs completely inside MailCountry's firewall.

Here is what you get with MailCountry IM...

  • Check the availability of your MailCountry friends at a glance
  • Include files an documents in conversations
  • Invite multiple users to join a conversation
  • Send messages to your friends even when they are offline
  • Set your status on the system, for example "On The Phone"
  • Retrieve, save, and print previous conversations
  • Spell-check in real-time, before your messages are sent
  • Conversation recall, which automatically retrieves the entire conversation
  • Immediately access IM users' names or email addresses with Smart Tags
  • Easy to learn and use

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista or 7
  • Pentium 350 MHz or faster
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 10 MB hard disk free space


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